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Your Purpose Isn’t Out There – It’s In Here

There’s something misleading about the way we talk about ‘purpose’. People often speak of finding purpose — like they’re shopping for new shoes, or sourcing a rare collectible. This is more than just a quirk of semantics; our language shapes

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The World Needs Your Unique Brand Of Genius

I recently put together an article for the blog PositivePsychology.com on exactly what it takes to have a satisfying, fulfilling job. After hours poring over the literature, hunting for all the criteria, I whittled it down to 6 core ingredients.

Career Breakup Article

5 Signs I Needed To Break Up With My Career

We are all in relationship with everything that exists in our lives… Our partners. Our kids. Our houses. Our bank balances. Our nations. Our sense of worth. Our identity. Our jobs. All of these relationships can change for the better

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Here’s Step 1 For Finding Your Calling

Here’s a question for you: When you were a kid, what did you want to be? If very little comes up, don’t be surprised – this question often puts people under pressure. And when something does emerge, it usually takes

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Who Will You Become – Angel, Vampire or Zombie?

As a doctor, I was fortunate enough to learn from some incredible mentors. These were the people who lived and breathed medicine. They were willing to make regular sacrifices to go above and beyond. And they knew exactly what they

Sunk cost fallacy career watering garden

The Neverending Quest for Greener Grass

I love a catchy saying. Several years ago, someone once told me: “Oli, the grass is greener where you water it” ‘Woah…’, I thought. ‘What an inspiring way to live’. From then on, the idea of nurturing opportunities already in

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To Figure Out Your Path, Start With A Single Value

I’m a diehard Marvel fan. Recently, I was re-watching the film Avengers: Endgame. In one scene Thor meets his mother, Frigga, who gives him a much-needed pep talk: “Everyone fails at being who they’re supposed to be. The measure of

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The Hidden Benefits of Shiny Object Syndrome

Magpies are considered one of the world’s smartest creature. Not only can they imitate human speech, but they can also work in teams, play games and even make tools. Although associated with an attraction to all things shiny, magpies are actually