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Hi, I’m Oli.

I help young professionals to consciously redesign their careers, for more alignment with (a) their authentic nature and (b) their heart’s deepest truth.

Being able to bring your whole self to work is a game-changer – it allows you to joyfully contribute your gifts to this world, expand into your purpose, and come alive by growing exponentially in the process.

My story

Before transitioning into full-time writing and coaching, I worked as a medical doctor.

Deciding to leave medicine after walking down that path for almost a decade hasn’t been the easiest thing to explain.

After all, I had a secure job, stable income and the chance to do respectable work. But the teenager who had chosen medical school wasn’t well-acquainted with his heart – at that point in life, I was fixated on pragmatism, external achievement, and doing the ‘right’ thing.

I also expected medicine to provide me with a built-in sense of ‘calling’ – ready to go, straight out of the box. I’ve since learned that things don’t quite work that way!

So on the outside, I had made it. I had stomached years of arduous study and emotional investment. But instead of feeling in my element at work, I was slowly dying inside.

Between then and now, I’ve learned a great deal about why this was the case. For one, I’m a Scanner – I’m wired to keep moving, learning and creating things that align with my heart. And as stimulating as it was to learn about medicine, I realised that unfortunately, I never had much interest in practising it.

I’m also wired to be highly sensitive. For the longest time, I saw this as a critical weakness. Many times I felt like a fish out of water, unable to truly lean into my nature as a quietly reflective person who longs for deeper and more intimate connections than I could foster on the wards.

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  ~ Albert Einstein

It felt like I was living a double life. Unable to bring my whole self to work, I started to feel stifled and confused. But I wanted to thrive! For me, this would mean finding (or creating) work that aligned with my unique blend of strengths, values and interests.

What did I do next?

At first, nothing. (There’s always some lag time between realisation and action.)

Then the pandemic hit, catalysing my disillusionment and forcing me to confront my trajectory.

Looking to my future, was I going to just ‘grin and bear it’, plowing ahead into an exhausting career not deeply aligned with who I was? Having to suppress my nature was already causing bitter feelings – how much worse would that get?

It came down to a burning question: who was I going to become?

I sensed that many more unhappy days lay ahead. I couldn’t change the fact that I didn’t enjoy the core essence of what it means to be a doctor, and knew in my gut that by sticking around – whether for 3 more years or 30 – I wasn’t going to become someone I could be proud of. As much as my heart ached about that, it also felt liberated.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive” ~ Howard Thurman

Fast forward several journaling exercises, soul-searching walks and powerful coaching sessions later, and my psyche delivered a message that suddenly hit me like a tonne of bricks:

*Oli – It’s OKAY if you don’t want to do this anymore*

Layers of anguish, accumulated over the years, fell away. I allowed myself to drop the guilt and self-torture, trading them for joy, wonder, excitement and raw possibility:

  • I got clear on who I am and what I stand for
  • I defined my core values and started holding myself accountable to them
  • I crafted a compelling vision for the future


Then I ripped the plaster off, taking action based on a solid grounding of inner work and self-understanding.

This isn’t to say life has been a walk in the park ever since… going your own way can be rather uncomfortable – I regularly experience pangs of fear, suffer from FOMO, and feel a sense of self-doubt and ‘imposter syndrome’.

But hey, we’re all on a journey of growth 🙂

You’ll like it here if…

Everything changed for me when I came to see the ultimate truth: I have the power to change my destiny. I am the creator of my own life.

If you resonate with my story, we’re probably on the same page. And if you’ve decided not to postpone your happiness or fulfilment for anyone or anything, then we’re almost definitely aligned.

Here are a few more of my core beliefs – they might help you get a feel for some of the things I talk about and support people with:

Private 1:1 Coaching

As much as most people probably want to, they find it hard to truly embody the above beliefs. I’ve definitely been there myself. My own cultural conditioning has taught me to equate the quest for fulfilment with self-indulgence, or outright greed.

I still catch myself wondering: “Do I really deserve to do what I want? Am I worthy? Have I earned the right?”

This is a small window into the plethora of internal barriers and ‘limiting beliefs’ that can arise on a person’s journey of growth and transformation.

But I also believe this: each conversation has the potential to move mountains, when both parties come to the table open, curious and present.

I’ve benefited a great deal from coaching in my own journey. And in a fairly ‘meta’ moment, realised that one of my deepest passions is supporting people who want to create a fulfilling life/career for themselves!

This is why the current focus of my mission is providing impeccable support for other young professionals seeking to understand who they are and what they’ll stand for in their life — and believing in them without compromise as they start breathing life into their vision and actively creating a fulfilling, prosperous life.

Even more about me

If you’re looking for an even deeper dive into who I am and what makes me tick, have a look at my life timeline below. You never know, maybe you’ll read something that helps you connect better with me, or you’ll spot something that mirrors an aspect of your own story.

So if you can forgive the self-indulgence, here goes…

Life timeline

1992 – Born in a small rural town just outside Tel Aviv, Israel (mum’s home country).

1993 – We relocate to London, England (dad’s home country).

1997 – Classmates poke fun at my mum’s accent. I realise I’m neither ‘English’ nor ‘Israeli’, but some sort of hybrid creature… cue cultural confusion.

1998 – I get told off by a teacher because my first ever creative writing attempt is a shameless rip-off of the English TV show ‘Bernard’s Watch’. Ahh, my first taste of imposter syndrome…

1999 – I start playing the violin at school.

1999 – I first watch the movie ‘The Truman Show’ and am instantly mesmerised (it’s still my favourite film).

2001 – Asked what I want to be, and I answer ‘postman’. My mum looks absolutely mortified.

2002 – Last year at primary school – I don’t get into any secondary schools I want to go to, while many of my friends do. My parents then scramble to find a school that will take me, triggering low self-worth

2003 – We get our family pet – a kitten – and I understand what true love is all about.

2004 – At secondary school, I realise I’m actually a bit of an ‘all-rounder’ and seem to enjoy most subjects equally.

2005 – I follow my heart for perhaps the first time ever, dropping out of rugby to try out for the school rowing team (much to the irritation of my coach). I discover a passion for the sport and realise I’m a bit of a ‘water baby’.

2006 – I get my first job doing the local paper round, simultaneously fulfilling a childhood dream. Almost immediately, I decide the life of a postman isn’t for me

2007 – I very (very) nearly give up playing the violin. Mum verbally wrestles me into submission, so I plow on ahead

2008 – In a strange turn of events, me and some friends nab a few salt and pepper shakers from the school canteen, and gleefully lob them out of a 2nd floor window at school, watching as they explode on the ground below. Another ‘friend’ snitches on me, I’m rewarded with a reverse suspension, and my mum has a mild heart attack. I question how it came to this.

2009 – After attending a school Career’s Fair, I decide to apply for medical school. This is also the year me and a friend win a competition to design a model bridge in Design/Tech, which we welded together over several very early mornings.

2010 – I start regretting my choice of A-levels (Chemistry, Biology, Maths, History), while noticing I’m jealous of friends studying Psychology. I also become Deputy Head Boy and Vice Captain of the rowing team, competing at national level.

2011 – An eventful year – I pass the highest grade of violin, do pretty well in my A-levels, and get accepted into UCL medical school after a nerve-racking interview!

2012 – A difficult year – my parents split up just as I’m leaving home for uni, I start drinking heavily, I give up the rowing due to crippling sciatica, and my first real relationship crashes and burns. I somehow do well in med school exams, and I start really digging into transformative books like The Power of Now.

2013 – I take a Psychology BSc ‘sandwich’ degree, feeling way more engaged and inspired. I graduate with the highest award. Not by coincidence, this year I also meet my amazing wife-to-be, at yoga/meditation society.

2014 – I start working on the hospital wards. On a completely unrelated note, my partner and I watch the Netflix documentary Cowspiracy and decide to go vegan.

2015 – I take up long-distance running, competing in my first 10K. This year I also start a blog called FreeTimeHacks on how to have more work-life balance (stopping after a grand total of 3 articles).

2016 – I start disengaging at medical school, and it starts to show in my exam results. At the same time, I start exploring weird and wonderful hobbies: photorealistic pencil drawing, passive investing, calisthenics, toying with the idea of a home food business selling vegan deli meat…

2017 – I go on elective to Samoa, for 6 weeks, and I have heaps of fun with the people I meet. I also grow my first beard (the joys!). On return, I qualify as a doctor and start working in Newham Hospital, one of the most deprived areas in London, with tuberculosis rates comparable to sub-Saharan Africa.

2018 – Complete my second year as a junior doctor in a massive tertiary hospital, while starting this website. I also get into water fasting, have my first psychedelic experience, and travel through Slovenia, Austria and Hungary during time off.

2019 – I rotate around psychiatry wards while planning an epic trip to Southeast Asia with my partner. But first, I propose under a frozen waterfall in Iceland (am so nervous/cold that I completely fumble my words, but she says yes anyway). This year I also take a postgraduate module in Philosophy, achieving distinction and then stopping short because the pandemic hits and my head is now full of dizzying abstract ideas.

2020 – Pandemic escalates, and our travelling/wedding plans fall apart. I work mainly in the Emergency Department over this time, then leave medicine when the dust settles. While getting coached, I try out different jobs as a copywriter for pharmaceutical companies. I also write my first sci-fi inspired short story this year.

2021 – My wife and I get married in Battersea Park, London 🙂 This year, I realise not only do I love writing, but I also seem to be good at it – I take on freelance gigs while ramping up content on this site. I also attend my first Buddhist retreat in Suffolk, join a Men’s Group, get more coaching, and start coaching others myself.

[2022] – After leaving our day jobs, my wife and I are now re-attempting the whole digital nomad/travelling thing – starting with Nepal! (Fingers crossed.)

How to stay in my world

If you’ve recently discovered me, and you’d like a way to stay in my orbit, then here are a few suggestions:

  1. Top Posts – on this page, I maintain a categorised list of my best content. This is also a good place to start if you’re new to my philosophy and you want to get a quick feel for the way I think about life
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